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Product of the Day

Vaccine Card Holder


Vaccines are being administered throughout the country along with paper vaccine cards. Take this opportunity for people to protect their vaccine card while promoting your brand by handing out this Vaccination Card Holder! It's designed to hold and protects the 3" x 4" government-issued vaccination card. With an overall sized of 3.5" x 4.25", it's perfectly sized to fit into most wallets, a purse, or wherever you decide to keep your card. It is offered in an assortment of fashionable colors and can be customized with a one color imprint, perfect for showcasing your brand name, logo, message and more!

4 Quick Social Media Tips

We all know that social media marketing is crucial to success these days, but are you using it effectively? We’ve compiled four quick tips to polish your social media strategy so you can get the most out of each platform.

social media apps

Know your audience.
Posting generic content to try to engage with everyone on a platform is daunting and usually ineffective. Get specific and know your followers’ challenges, goals and preferences. Then test your content! See what types of posts get the most engagement and which ones fall flat. Then you can tailor your posts more specifically to your audience.

Stay in the conversation.
Don’t post and ghost! Being successful on social media means engaging and interacting with your followers. Reply to comments on your posts and keep the conversation going – especially if it’s about your products or services! If someone posts a positive testimonial on any of your pages, reach out to thank them and, when appropriate, ask if you can use the testimonial in your other marketing efforts.

Count your non-sales wins.
Winning isn’t always about landing sales and getting more orders. Be sure you’re celebrating wins like increased engagement, improving your interactions on your social platforms and building relationships online.

Create a path to purchase.
An online visitor doesn’t engage with your social media and then immediately become a paying customer. You need to pave their path to purchasing from you. Start by getting feedback and asking how your product or services could make their life easier. Create more marketing touchpoints from there and keep your eye on the prize – the end goal is the sale; the journey is your social media conversations.

Promotions Planner - Feel-Good Campaigns

It’s not too late to plan your promotions centered on December events.
*Dates and events subject to change due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The last month of 2021 presents several fun observances that you can use as jumping-off points for promotions and marketing campaigns. Celebrate sweet treats and adult beverages, recognize hard workers, educate about American history and more.

Dec. 2/Special Education Day
This observance marks 46 years since President Gerald Ford signed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act into law, which requires public schools to provide appropriate instruction for children with disabilities. Today, it’s set aside to recognize the devoted teachers who serve students with disabilities and their families. Consider high-end apparel and packages of sweet and savory treats for hard-working teachers.

candy gift box

Dec. 4/National Cookie Day
Bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants — anywhere that serves up cookies — can offer specials and discounts on this day, which celebrates the many different types of cookies that exist and their fans. If you don’t normally offer sweet treats but would be interested in providing a surprise experience for customers that day, National Cookie Day is for you, too!

You may need signage for cookie specials and branded jars filled with baked goods for a fun raffle giveaway. Bonus: Have people guess how many cookies are in the jar for a chance to take it home.

cookie jar
Cookie jar with mini chocolate chip cookies.

Dec. 5/International Volunteer Day
Established by the United Nations, this day is set aside to recognize the many contributions that generous and dedicated volunteers make to organizations around the world. Organizations that count on volunteers could run a themed marketing campaign this day.

Give out branded apparel as a thank you for committed, loyal volunteers.

Quilted crewneck sweatshirt
Quilted crewneck sweatshirt.

Dec. 13/National Day of the Horse
In 2004, Congress declared National Day of the Horse to recognize the contributions that equines have made to U.S. history and the development of the country. Today, more than 30,000 wild horses still roam in the Western region, according to the Bureau of Land Management.

Schools that host special sessions on the history of the horse could offer fun giveaways like writing instruments, stress relievers and plush.

Light-up horse pen
Light-up horse pen.

Dec. 20/National Sangria Day
Restaurants, bars and home party hosts will want to celebrate sangria, a delicious drink made with either red or white wine, fresh fruit, juices and optional liquor, herbs and spices. It’s a versatile beverage — summer and winter recipes abound — and there are myriad ways of making it.

Send sangria kits to remote workers as a way of saying thank you for all their hard work this year.

Wine glass set with sangria mix
Wine glass set with sangria mix.

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